We are determined to offer the highest quality medieval armor at The Medieval Store. Our functional armor includes chainmail armor, plate armor, and leather armor suitable for activities like SCA, and historical re-enactments. Our chainmail includes mail chausses and mail voiders, mail coifs, mail gauntlets, and hauberks and haubergeons. Our steel armor includes pieces like breastplates, cuirasses, pauldrons, greaves, poleyns, sabatons, tassets, gorgets, and full armor suits and packages. A lighter weight option, our leather armor includes bracers, brigandines, cuisses, full leg armor, harnesses, headgear, and more. We also provide female armor and kids armor so the whole family can enjoy heading into battle. Our battle ready armor ranges in style from Roman to fantasy to medieval, giving you plenty of options. Make sure whatever historical armor you pick fits comfortably with our assortment of padded arming wear like gambesons, arming caps, and arm and leg padding. Finally, if you simply enjoy the look of the medieval armor, check out our decorative armor including life-size suits of armor to make your home feel like a castle!

Classic Leather Mempo


15th Century German Full Suit of Armor with Sword


15th Century Round Shield


16th Century Aged Finish Full Suit of Armor


16th Century Italian Full Suit of Armor with Halberd


16th Century Italian Full Suit of Armor with Sword


Buckled Leather Sword Frog


Childrens Celtic Leather Headband


Childrens Dragon Scale Armour


Childrens Dragon Scale Bracers