Do your walls look barren and empty? Are you just begging for some good decorations that you can hang up that feature not only tasteful detailing, but also great style? Well, stop begging and check out the Wall Decor section here at The Medieval Store, where you'll find an assortment of pieces ranging from military signs, medieval plaques, decorative mirrors, and more! Here, we don't see good wall decor as just filler, but rather, we view it as a way to change any wall in your home or office into a complex and visually stunning work of art, and that's why we offer such a wide array of different wall decorations! We carry decorative plaques and wall displays that are traditional medieval pieces, featuring swords, shields, and symbols of heraldry and myth, making them perfect for sprucing up your medieval den, as well as modern wall plaques that display more modern concepts (including modern humor). We also carry military signs and decals that feature both a great sense of patriotism and a boundless level of support for soldiers, ensuring that when you want to show your support for the modern-day fighting man or fighting woman, we offer decals and plaques that do just that. You'll even find a number of tasteful mirrors here, because sometimes, a good mirror is just as effective a display as a poster, a plaque, or anything else. Any of these home accent wall displays are the perfect way to modify your space, bringing it that much closer to being something that you would proudly call your own. And that's why Medieval Collectibles is pleased to offer a wide assortment of different plaques and Wall Decor pieces. So that you can transform your living space or working office into a work of personal art that you're happy to occupy.

Decorative Dragon Scimitar Wall Plaque


Decorative Spanish Sword with Display Plaque


Dual Axes Display Plaque


Dual Scimitar Display Plaque with Pegs


Heraldic Eagle Breastplate with Two Decorative Swords Wall Plaque


Heraldic Halberds Display Plaque


Italian Stiletto with Display Plaque


Medieval Axe with Display Plaque


Medieval Display Plaque with Miniature Swords and Armour


Medieval Weapons Display Plaque