Our line of traditionally inspired oriental clothing has taken a new twist to a forgotten time. Our fantasy line of samurai clothing and oriental inspired clothing will stand the tests of time and was conceived for LARP battles, medieval fairs and anything a true warrior needs. The Medieval Store created the unisex line of larp clothing that feature the traditional Japanese garb suc as the Kimono, Jinbaori and the Hakama pants. Become the warrior you want to be by wearing these clothes at your favorite event.

Instant Glue for Nock and Feathers

Price: $5.00


Product Features:

Use this instant glue to fix your LARP arrow nocks and fletching securely onto the arrow shaft. This archery glue is always useful to have to repair any fletching that might have come loose during your last tag archery or LARPĀ event. Use hot water to release broken parts then glue new one quickly in place ready for use in just minutes.