Medieval Flat Longbow

Price: $196.00


Product Features:

Nothing beats the ability to reach out and touch your opponent at range. This Wooden LARP Longbow takes the longbow of medieval fame, and converts it into a wicked ranged weapon that does just that, while fitting typical LARP and safety specifications. This LARP bow has a stunning, simulated wood-grain finish, although it is made from fiberglass to retain a level of durability and strength, as well as safety that is required of all LARP weapons. It has a draw weight of 24-26 lbs at a 28 inch draw length. The wooden look ensures that this bow fits quite nicely into typical medieval themes, while the size of the bow makes it look all the more like a typical bow of the times. A leather hand grip also ensures that the bow is a pleasure to handle, both for just holding and for use, in practice and in LARP battles. It measures approximately 63 inches tall and is perfectly suited for left-handed archers or right-handed bowmen. The string is made from Dacron B50, a synthetic string that provides a measure of reliability when it comes to firing your bow.