An essential part of any warrior’s armor, and something that any respectable fighter should own, is the medieval breastplate. We are pleased to offer a series of fantasy metal breastplates that come with adjustable leather straps and a leather liner. Our front plate armor is intended for Larp use only and should not be used with real weapons. We suggest you use over a gambeson to prevent accidental pinching or bruising.

Black Ice Breast and Back Plate


Black Merc Breast and Back Armor


Brown Merc Armor Breast and Back


Only 3 Left In ML!

Churburg Armor


Only 4 Left In ML!

Dark Churburg Armor


Only 1 Left In Medium!

Dark Drake Breastplate


Only 4 Left In Medium!

Dark Milanese Armor


Only 1 Left In Small!

Dark RFB Breastplate


Dark Viking Armor


Only 3 Left In Medium!

Dark Warrior Breastplate