Larp chainmail armor is one of the most versatile and flexible Larp armors you will ever own. Chainmail armour provides cost effective protection and instantly enhances your Larp characters look. Ring mail resistance is determined by two factors. Linkage type; riveted chainmail links or butted chainmail. The Medieval Store uses steel rings or aluminum rings, the latter of the two is much lighter. Aluminum grants the wearer greater mobility due to the weight of the material but steel gives a more realistic and period look. Choose the right Larp chainmail by selecting between a hauberk chainmail shirt or a chainmail coif ready made for Larp battles.

Only 4 Left In XLarge!

Alaric Chainmail


Only 2 Left In Medium!

Alaric Chainmail Coif


Alaric Chainmail Coif Dark


Chaimail Hood Alluminium Riveted


Chain Mantle


Epic Dark Alaric Chainmail


Gunblued Chainmail Hood


Limited Edition Alaric Chainmail


Only 3 Left In Small!

Ragnar Black Chainmail


Only 5 Left In Small!

Ragnar Chainmail