Full Armor

Larp plate armor is what defines a knight on the battlefield. This iconic piece of Larp equipment brings prestige and respect and class to any Larp paladin, Larp warrior or Larp fighter. The Medieval Store offers the best way for any Larper to acquire his/her first complete battle ready armor by carrying a huge selection of functional mild steel armor packages. From the traditional historical armor to the fantasy armor we carry styles of armor ranging from light weight ready for battle armor to the heavy complete armor. Investing in a suit of Larp armor will give you a level of protection needed to defend you during the Larp battles you seek and look great wearing it.

Black Ice Light Deal


Black Ice Medium Deal


Black Mercenary Armor


Brown Mercenary Armor


Only 2 Left In Large!

Complete Armor Black Ice Heavy Deal


Complete Gothic Armor


Complete Templar of Negation Armor


Only 3 Left In Size Large!

Dark Drake Complete Armour Package


Only 3 Left In Size Medium!

Dark Warrior Complete Armour Package


King Complete Armour Package