The Medieval Store collection of medieval greaves come in a variety of sizes and models. You can choose from our selection of Larp shin guards to protect your legs from glancing blows on the front lines or to deliberately deflect and protect. If you choose, tibia protectors are often used to accentuate a costume they can be a decorative addition to any would be wanderer's wardrobe. All of our greaves have rolled edges and are made from steel, some have exotic finishes to help accentuate the piece and to protect against rust. Our tibia protectors are ideal for the avid Larper but is not intended for live blade, please consider a gambeson undergarment to avoid skin abrasion.

Black Ice Full legs


Black Persian Greaves


Only 5 Left In Small!

Dark Drake Greaves


Dark Warrior Greaves


Enclosed Leg Protection


Floating Knees


Floating Knees Epic Dark


Full Gothic Leg Harness


King Greaves


Persian Greaves