Upper leg armour comes in a selection of patterns and finishes and are intended for larp use or costuming pieces only. At The Medieval Store Canada, we offer an assortment quality tassets made from 18 gauge steel which can be found right here in Canada. So if you're looking for a way to protect your upper legs and thighs during battle, there's no better place to shop than here. All of our pieces have segmented pieces which offer protection to the upper leg, while providing articulation to provide unhindered the leg movement . Our upper leg armour or tassets have belts, which have hanging plates that fall over the thighs and upper legs, providing additional protection to the legs from attacks that might come from above. The tasset or upper cuisse armor provides near total protection and necessary during battlefront attacks.

Black Ice Tassets


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Dark Drake Tassets


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Dark Warrior Tassets


Faulds and Tassets


Faulds and Tassets Epic Dark


Mercenary Tassets


Undead Skull Plate Tasset


Undead tassets


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