Leather Gear

The Medieval Store offers a range of leather Larp gear to complete your Larp warrior attire. Leather has a smell, feel and life of its own. It keeps you warm, cool and provides an instant period look to any costume. Our brand of leather gear was intended for Larpers such as yourselves eager to crawl into battle equipped and ready to fight. You can accessorize your character with a selection of quality leather pouches, leather frogs, leather gloves, leather belts, leather boots, leather sword holders or leather dagger holders and even leather armor. Please be aware that even the best quality leather needs treatment and care, store your leather gear in a dry place and keep them oiled or waxed. Oil makes the leather more supple and pliable while wax coats and hardens the leather both act as water repellent.

Assassin Helmet Black


Assassin Helmet Brown


Black Adventurer Sword Holder Right Hand


Black Dark Elf Scabbard Right


Black Elven Blade Scabbard Right


Black Holder with Kunai


Black Large Ring Holder


Black Leather Aruthian Belt


Black Leather Brigandine Armor


Black Leather Broadbelt