Leather Pauldrons

The Medieval Store provides quality leather larp pauldrons for the avid Larper. These medieval shoulder armor pieces were intended to give minimal protection during Larp events, allowing for greater movement during combat. Pauldrons can be added to any costume to protect the wearer as well as beautify the overall look. As with most leather pieces it is important to maintain your leather to keep its shape and to make it last a long time.

Black Orc Shoulder Armor


Brown Orc Shoulder Armor


Dark Elf Gorget


Only 4 Left In Large!

Leather Pauldron Black


Only 5 Left In Large!

Leather Pauldron Brown


Orc Brute Shoulder Armor Black


Orc Brute Shoulder Armor Brown


Ratio Gorget with Shoulders


Roman Shoulder Armor


Only 4 Left In Medium!

Shoulder And Neck Black