The Medieval Store has a large selection of scabbards and frogs for medieval Larp weapons. Most of the leather sword frogs we carry are made of thick leather and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to fit your characters needs. Our leather frogs are great at any event where a Larp sword or dagger is needed. Just about all the leather frogs we sell will fit on your medieval belt and give you the option to be hung on your left or right side.

Black Adventurer Sword Holder Right Hand


Black Dark Elf Scabbard Right


Black Elven Blade Scabbard Right


Black Leather Double Sword Hanger


Black Left Hand Sword Holder


Black Musketeer Baldric


Black Pirate Baldric


Black Right Hand Sword Frog


Black Rogue Sword Holder


Brown Adventurer Sword Holder Right Hand