Bright Red Makeup

Price: $10.00


Product Features:

Our Burgundy Epic Effect make up is a professional grade water-based make up which are excellent for any of your costuming needs. Epic Effect Make Up can be used on all parts of the body; arms, legs, face, whatever you need to change to a different color. The make up will even cover hair, if you wish to change your beard, mustache or eyebrows to blend in with the same color as your skin. The Epic Effect Make Up is a super high quality, deeply pigmented make up for ultimate coloring and costuming. Epic Effect Make Up is very easy to apply, you want to use a slightly damp sponge or brush to apply the color to your skin. The make up spreads on very easily with a sponge, which is best for covering large areas of skin. For fine details and accents we recommend using a smaller brush. Keep in mind, since the make up is water-based, the more water you add to your sponge or brush, the more diluted you will make it. That is why we suggest using only a slightly damp sponge or brush.