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The Flames of the Angel Fantasy Sword

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Flames of the Angel Two Handed Battle Ready Sword

Resplendent in shining armor as he fights the forces of darkness, the Paladin is a common character type from many different stories of fantasy. Loosely based on the historical knights that served Charlemagne and brought to popularity by the Dungeons and Dragons series of games and books, the Paladin is supposedly a paragon of moral behavior and righteousness. They have frequently depicted slaying dragons or other foul creatures

The Flames of the Angel Fantasy Sword was designed by sword collector and Western Martial Arts practitioner Adam Sharp. The battle ready sword was designed to be the special blade of a fictional Paladin who guarded a holy temple, though it was not based on a character currently in published fiction. The flared blade is evocative of a candle flame or drop of water, leaf-shaped with a deep and wide fuller. The flames of the Angel is made standard, with black leather. It can be ordered in brown as well, with some delay. 

Customer review of the Flames of the Angel Sword:

“My son Garrett Marchbank had one of the leading roles in the movie “Chaisson Quest for Our”. As a keepsake for him to pass down to his children, I bought him a replica of the sword he carried and used in the movie that was provided by The Medieval Store. The sword he used was the “Flames of the Angel” and in the movie, it looks magnificent. The replica I ordered came today and it is more spectacular than I imagined. Thank you, Eyal and The Medieval Store, that sword will be passed down for generations to come. From movie history to family history.” – C. Marchbank, USA

“Received the Flames of the Angel sword today and I must say I am very impressed. It is a beautiful, well balanced and expertly crafted piece of art that features a slight fantasy touch to it. I look forward to testing it out in the near future. 10/10″ – Peter, USA

Blade: 5160 High Carbon Steel. Dual Tempered HRc 60
48-50 at the core
Total length: 46″
Blade length: 36″
Blade width: 2”
Weight: 3 lbs. 3 oz.

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