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The Witchking Fantasy Sword


The Witch-king Fantasy Sword
Medieval Sword,

Making the WitchKing battle ready sword was one of the most interesting and challenging projects. Whereas the sword required little creative input, the interesting crown-like the design of the WitchKing’s pommel proved quite challenging to make. Adorned with thorn acid etched motifs and towered by a claw or crown, this particular medieval sword’s pommel is among one of the most original design we have come across.

The dour design, repeated at the handle and guard, compounded by a piercing blade makes this piece one of the most memorable battle-ready swords from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The blade, borrowing features from the historical Type XVIIIe blades, The WitchKing sword features a long, stiff diamond shaped blade with an extended handle for greater reach. These elements make this massive two-handed sword suitable for both cutting and thrusting during combat, as many other words were in the later 15th Century.

Relatively light for it’s a size and surprisingly well balanced, this two-handed medieval sword has excellent cutting and thrusting abilities. Similar to other battle ready swords with Type XVIIIe blades, the Two-Handed WitchKing fantasy sword also has a long unsharpened ricasso that can be gripped when thrusting and hence, adding one’s body weight when delivering a deadly blow. Although a Fantasy medieval sword in its own right, the Two-handed Witchking battle ready sword is an incredibly versatile weapon.

Blade: 5160 High Carbon Steel. Dual Tempered HRc 60
48-50 at the core
Total length: 51″
Blade length: 36″
Blade width at the guard: 2″
POB: 2.75″
Weight: 4 lbs. 4 oz.

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