The Medieval Store offers one of the largest sword and weapon selections on the internet. Our inventory includes functional weapons for combat and cutting, decorative swords for display, wooden swords for practice and sparring, self-defense sword canes, and synthetic swords for stage fighting and training. We also offer sword replacement blades with blunt and sharp edges. Our sword replicas feature a wide range of historical, fantasy, and oriental sword designs with beautiful detail and authentic construction. Weapons enthusiasts can choose from katana, claymores, flamberges, longswords, short swords, military sabers, Crusader swords, pirate cutlasses, greatswords, arming swords, Renaissance rapiers, Roman gladiuses, falchions, bastard swords, and more. Our collectible swords also include blades modeled on specific weapons used by people like Charlemagne, Henry V, King Arthur, and Richard the Lionheart!

The Frederick III Sword


The WitchKing Fantasy Sword


Two handed Danish Sword


10th C, Viking Sword


11th Century Viking Sword


12th Century Halberd with Spike


12th Century Templar Sword


12th Century Voulge


13th Century Axe


13th Century Bardiche