Medieval Halberds were effective weapons during the Medieval Era. Skilled soldiers on the ground could easily take down their opponents on horseback using halberds. Halberds have three parts that make up the head. There is the bladed for slicing through armour, the spike for thrusting and the hook for was used to take down armed opponents on horseback as they rode by, you could just snag them off. It was like three weapons in one. The Medieval Store has great line of functional Medieval halberds for your re-enacting needs, whether you participate in the SCA or Stage Combat. We also carry decorative halberds for theater productions, stage props or just like to collect and display them in your home.

12th Century Halberd with Spike


14th Century European Halberd


15th Century Gothic Halberd


16th Century Italian Full Suit of Armor with Halberd


16th Century Pewter Knight with Halberd


Crescent 16th Century Decorative Medieval Halberd


Display Stand for Three Halberds


Heraldic Halberds Display Plaque


Intricate 16th Century Decorative Medieval Halberd


Mini Halberd Display Plaque with Pegs