We like to carry as much in the way of weapons as we can here at Dark Knight Armoury. That is why we offer a selection of firearm replicas. Of course, they are not quite your typical medieval fare, although that does not stop these realistic looking replicas from being fantastic collectables as well as great props and display pieces. Our fantastic firearm replicas run all across the breadth of history, ranging from traditional early firearms, like muskets and flintlocks, to the revolvers and the rifles of the Wild West, all the way down to the guns of the modern day. Each and every one of these firearm replicas has an incredible and realistic look, all while featuring a relatively safe construction. They are made from quality materials and are designed to feature the same weight and feel of a firearm, yet they lack any of the features that make a firearm dangerous. As a bonus, many of our replica firearms feature moving parts, including a working trigger. 

18th Century Italian Flintlock Pistol


Brass 17th Century Italian Flintlock Pistol


Medium 17th Century Flintlock Pistol


Nickel 17th Century Italian Flintlock Pistol


Small 17th Century Flintlock Pistol


Wooden Two Pistol Table Stand