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Ranger Dagger

$190 $240

Companion dagger to the Ranger sword,  the Ranger dagger is made of 5160 high carbon steel and Tempered to a Rockwell of 53. The handle is made of wood covered in black leather. Polished blade and pommel. The dagger comes with a scabbard and a strapping system to attach the dagger to the companion sword’s scabbard.

customer feedback about the Ranger dagger

“I just received my dagger and the quality is outstanding. Thanks again, I look forward to purchasing more medieval blades from The Medieval Store .” ~ A. Randazo.,  New.Jersey, USA.

”I just received the second of my two recent orders, the excellent Ranger’s Dagger. Unlike almost every other Fantasy (book, movie, comic book) based weapon I’ve ever seen, you have produced a historically grounded, functional, honest to god blade weapon! It’s elegant, lethal, and feels the way a fighting knife is supposed to feel. I went on a couple of very much not scenic tours during the recent nastiness in Afghanistan and Iraq. I spent more than a little time becoming proficient and employing modern blade weapons, and the balance, heft, and reach I had with my Ranger’s blade of choice was very similar to those of your Ranger’s Dagger. The only real advantage of my modern sticker was the more ergo grip plus built-in knuckle duster, which might look out of place being wielded by a LoTR Ranger lol. I applaud your tremendous skill, your care and professionalism, and your efforts to provide the real thing to those of us who cannot realistically pay  a minimum of several thousand dollars for a single weapon.” – J. Lavette, Redwood, CA. , USA

Total length: 17.5″
Blade: 12″
weight: 1 lb 2 oz

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