One of the most common questions we get on Facebook is,
"How do I make a sword?"


"I've never done any metal work and I want make a sword. 
Can you tell me how?"


"I want to find a Master Swordsmith to teach me how to make a sword."

These are serious but often naive questions and we have generally given serious well considered answers. The answers have varied and have generally gotten shorter over time as our patience has worn thinner by the repetition of the question. My compatriots see the question and roll their eyes and say "Oh no, not another one!"

This is the only subject we have gotten more than one complaint about the way it was responded to. Often there was no way to reply to the complaints without insulting the respondents further so there have been no reply. If you are so thin skinned that you cannot take the truth or have no sense of humor about your lack of knowledge then please leave this web site NOW. 

We are going to answer these questions one last time. But we are also going to pose some questions of our own and perhaps give the reader something to think about.