We can tell you here are The Medieval Store that is no such thing as a free lunch. Nobody is going to teach you all the details of a craft just because you ask. You may be VERY VERY lucky and find someone willing to share their hard earned knowledge but they will expect YOU to have done your part.

In the first half of the twentieth century there were very few books on the craft of blacksmithing and none on bladesmithing. About the time the craft of blacksmithing was dead people became interested in the hand crafts including blacksmithing in great numbers. The result is that there are now many very good books on the subject of blacksmithing, bladesmithing and knife making. Many of the old references that were impossible to find are also now in reprint. This means that there are now more books on these subjects than at any other time in history. Lack of available references is not an excuse.

If you have not found at least a few of these books and STUDIED them, then you are wasting your time, my time, and certainly anyone you ask about teaching you. To have not done your best to study these subjects and then expect a master of the craft to hand feed this information to you is an insult.

Some of these books can be found in libraries, others can be borrowed by your library on inter-library loan (ILL). But a few will need to be bought. Yes, they cost money. But these are not expensive books. Most are written better than any regular text book and cost much less. If you cannot afford a few books to study then you are wasting your time. You cannot work without tools and these books are tools.

Most that come to us asking how to make a sword are quite naive about the subject. From this point onward there is no excuse for you to be naive or to insult those you wish to learn from by not having researched the subject. We have listed here many books on the subject of blacksmithing and bladesmithing and we have reviews of most of these books. Obtain them. STUDY them.

You have NO excuses. Naivety is no longer allowed.