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The Arming Sword

Wallace Collection, England, A.460 French, c. 1375-1400, Type type XVIII sword.
By the 14th C. the classical view of the Knight Medieval sword took shape in the Arming Sword. Light, well balanced with a pronounced taper and tip, the Arming sword proved to be a devastating weapon in close quarter combat. This 14th C. innovation in medieval sword-making was in response to the growing platted armors of the era. The heavily tapered blade gave the sword devastating stabbing force against plated armor while retaining its destructive cutting edge. The sword came to be known as the ‘Arming swords’ because it formed part of the Medieval Knight’s basic, yet necessary equipment, no matter what another weapon he chose to use in Battle.

The Arming Sword’s blade has a broad four-sided flattened diamond cross-section, typically associated with the close quarter swords of the 14th and 15th C. throughout Medieval Europe. Due to their light weight and potent thrusting abilities, this powerful and effective sword became the prevailing weapon of the 15th C. The Arming sword is faithfully crafted from the original at the Wallace Collection (A460). skillfully crafted with the same dimensions as the original (32″ long, 2″ wide blade) the sword is responsive, exceptionally well balanced, and delivers forceful blows. The Arming sword is a finely crafted, classically styled and a must even for the most discriminating collector! 

Blade: 5160 High Carbon Steel. Dual Tempered HRc 60 48-50 at the core Guard and pommel: Mild Steel Total length: 39.5″ Blade length: 32″ Blade width at base: 2″ Weight: 2 lbs 9 oz. Blade thickness: 1.8mm

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