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12th C. Great Helm

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Popular between the 12th to mid 14th century, the Great helm, also known as the heaume or pot helm, arose in the late twelfth century in the context of the crusades and came to be the iconic helmet of the crusaders. The Great helm evolved from the earlier Nasal helm worn by the Normans and widely depicted in the Bayeux tapestry.  

While offering greater protection then it’s predecessor, the great helm offered limited peripheral vision and ventilation, causing many soldiers to perish during the journey to the holy land. Despite these limitations, the Great helm remained hugely popular and remained in use for centuries for combat, parades, tournaments, and ceremonies. The funeral helmet of the Von Pranckh family during the

14th Century is one example of ceremonial use.  

By the 14th century, the great helm evolved into the frog-mouth helm or stechhelm, meaning jousting helmet in German.

The Herald series Great helm is made of 18g steel. While remaining true to its historical counterparts, the eye slots and ventilation of the Herald Series’ Great helm have been improved to increase visibility and air flow.  The inner is padded with an adjustable leather liner and strap.

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