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The Black Prince Sword


Black Prince Sword

The English Prince Edward of Woodstock, “The Black Prince of Wales”, is well known to scholars of art, history, literature, and theater for his chivalrous and occasionally non-chivalrous actions. Although the eldest son of King Edward III, The Black Prince was never crowned king – Dead before his father, the crown passed to his son Richard instead.

Since the 16th C. Edward of Woodstock came to be popularly dubbed as “The Black Prince.” A name more recognized for Edward’s legacy, possibly issued from his black (blued) armor. This title may also have come from his temper, lack of mercy and derision towards the lower classes, in spite of his chivalrous beliefs.

The popularity of Edward III’s sword was surely affected when a medieval sword, discovered during the mid 20th century, was identified by Ewart Oakeshott as the medieval Sword of the Black Prince. Thought to have been stolen from Edward’s tomb centuries earlier, The Black Prince sword became one of the most recognizable artifacts of 14th Century.

By the end of the 14th c., as the science of armor advanced, blade design needed to adapt. While a sword could do considerable damage to a man wearing mail from force alone, the advent of plate rendered cutting swords next to useless against an armored foe.

To adapt to this new armor, bladesmiths began to make thrusting swords that were stiff instead of flexible, with diamond cross sections that would reinforce the tip. These swords, engineered to thrust through the gaps in armor, revolutionized medieval warfare techniques during later part of the middle ages.

Authentic in every detail, the Black Prince sword is individually hand forged from 5160 High Carbon Steel and Dual hardened to a Rockwell of 60 at the edge and 48-50 at the core.

Typical of the 14th century, The Black Prince sword has a long needle-like hollow ground diamond shape blade specifically designed to penetrate plate armor with searing strength. Its resilient hollow ground blade provides this sword outstanding thrusting force and an extraordinary balance.

Refined yet of elegant simplicity, the Black Prince sword is in a class by itself. Light, responsive and classically styled, the Black Prince sword delivers what it was designed to do! Backed by our commitment and reputation for forging some of the most durable swords in the industry, the black prince sword is faithfully crafted from the original and stands as a legacy to the perfection of sword making at the crowning of the 14th century.

Photograph of the original sword:

The Black Prince Sword
Type XVa, 1370 A.D.,

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