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The Monarch, 15th C. Medieval Sword

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The Monarch was reproduced from a sword auctioned on December 13th 2011 in Bruxelles by well respected antique auctioneers Hermann Historica. The original sold for 8,000 euros. The Sword is French in inspiration and reflects various influences from the weapons of the later part of the middle ages. Similar swords were found among the arsenal used during the later portion of the hundred years War (1337-1453).

Typical in form of the knightly swords of the 15th. C, the Monarch is made with a flattened diamond sectional blade tapering to a sharp tip. The guard is struck with a small fleurs-de-lys on both sides while the slightly arched crosspiece, with shaped tips, revamps the fleur-de-lys pattern at the tip of the arms.

The Monarch sword is hand forged in India from EN-45 Spring Steel and tempered to a Rockwell of 48-50. Hand made under Darksword guidelines to create a balance between affordability and functionality. The handle and Scabbard are made in Montreal Canada, in the Darksword Armory shop.

The Monarch is a functional sword that can be used for actual combat as well as for cutting targets when ordered sharp. The guard and pommel are produced in Copper. The grip is made of Oak and wrapped in black leather and matching copper wire.

Specs for the ‘Monarch’  sword

Blade: EN-45 High Carbon Spring Steel
Total length: 40″
Blade length: 32.5″
Blade width at base: 2″
Guard & Pommel: Copper
Weight: 2 lbs 10 oz.

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