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Barbarian Fantasy Battle Axe

$500 $550
The orcs are coming. The heroes are surrounded. All hope seems lost – until with a mighty bellow, the barbarian warrior clears a path to safety with his improbably large ax. The day is saved thanks to the barbarian’s mighty thews and his mightier ax. If the above scene sounds familiar to you, then you will probably also recognize this ax. In television, in movies, in video games, and in tabletop RPG’s the fearsome barbarian reigns supreme. Often the party’s “tank” or damage-absorber, the barbarian is at the forefront of combat at all times – and often wields a weapon like this. Two-headed axes were not common historically due to the fact that if your attack bounces off of an opponent’s armor it means an equally heavy and sharp axehead is probably headed straight back at you. However, in fantasy, many weapons that are impractical get a pass due to the “rule of cool.” The two-headed Barbarian fantasy ax is one such weapon. This ax is an incredible feat of smithwork and craft. Weighing a total of 12 lbs (!), the ax is 48 inches long and has two equal sized, crescent-shaped heads. While we don’t recommend using it for combat, it is as battle-ready as every other product in our catalog. It would certainly turn heads at the rain fire or make an imposing centerpiece to your collection – assuming you can find hooks big enough to keep it on your wall.

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