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Celtic Tree of Life Pendant

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The Celtic Tree of Life is an ancient symbol deeply rooted in mythology. In the Druidic faith of the Celtic people, there was an intrinsic understanding of the interconnectedness of nature and spirituality. There was also an acknowledgment of balance between the sacred and the ordinary – many of their symbols reflected these beliefs, and none more than the Tree of Life. A symbol is seen in many classic works of Celtic art, the stylized branches and roots weave together in an endless ring, connecting heaven and earth. The eye-catching knotwork is expertly woven and surrounds and protects the trunk from which both branches and roots spring. No other symbol better represents one of the foundational principals of pagan beliefs – As above, so below.

Trees and nature were essential to the Celtic belief system and culture. For the Celts, the Tree of life represented the force of nature, harmony, and balance. An extension of this belief is how an individual tree come together to form a forest. The Celts believed that Trees link together, combining their life forces to provide a home for countless species, from small plants and insects to wild animals of all sizes. All cycles of life exist in balance, from birth through death.

Made of 316L Stainless steel, the Celtic pendant represents this belief and the combination of nature and all living beings.

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