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German Gothic Sallet

$395 $445

The later Medieval period and early Renaissance was a time of significant development for weapons and armor. Not only were the materials used better quality, but smiths had the benefit of centuries of research and development thanks to their forebears. Designs became more elaborate without sacrificing function, aesthetics were elevated without compromising strength and integrity. Out of this period of time came the Gothic Sallet, one of the most interesting, complex and intelligently designed medieval armor helmets of the latter part of the Middle Ages.

Gothic Armors were designed to imitate the pleated clothing that was considered fashionable in Europe at the time. These pleads, also known as fluting note, only rendered armors more structurally sound but were also visually pleasing. The Medieval Store Gothic Sallet is forged with 14 g steel and fully lined (leather), making it strong enough for reenactment use. The articulating visor provides protection when in use, but can be raised for increased visibility. The leather liner is adjustable and also includes a chin strap, which allows for a range of fits and comfort on hot days at the Faire.

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