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Gothic Gorget

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German, 15th C.
Wallace Collection, London England.
14 gauge steel.

The design for this German gorget is based on a medieval armor neck protector on display at the Wallace collection. The original dates from the 15th century, circa 1480. The original was crafted by Matthes Deutsch, a German armorer based out of the ducal residence of Landshut. Matthes Deutsch was commissioned to make armors for several prominent dukes of Bavaria, such as Friedrich III and Johann of Saxony. While most of Deutsch’s medieval armor appears relatively simple, his ability to produce complex yet refined designs rendered him as one of the most sought after smiths of his time. His surviving works are on display in museums throughout the world. A picture of Matthes Deutsch’s original work can be seen in the book ‘Arms and Armor of the Medieval Knight’ by David Edge, on page 127.

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