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Gotland Stocke Viking Axe

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The Viking Axe is the Norsemen most valued weapon. As farmers, the axe was an essential tool, not only for war, but for farming, cutting wood, building ships, and other essential duties. Long before the first raids, the Vikings used the axe as a farming tool. while only the most important clan members could afford a sword, all Norsemen had an axe at their side. Used for both cutting and hammering with the butt, the Viking axe was more than a tool of war. It was an essential tool for survival. Feared for its devastating characteristics, the Viking axe came to be feared among Europeans throughout the Viking Age. Based on historical models of the 10th century, the Viking axe is made with a traditional 30-inch hardwood shaft and criss-cross leather pattern, so prevalent during the migration age.  Our Viking Axe is faithfully reproduced to feel, handle, and perform like the original. Hand-forged from wrought iron and skillfully hardened, The Viking axe is sturdy, resilient and build to perform under the most brutal circumstances.

Total Length: 30”
Viking Axe head (width): 6.5”
Viking Axe head (hight) 4 1/4” long
Weight: 2 lbs. 10 oz.

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