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HEMA Gauntlets

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HEMA or Historical European Martial Arts refers to martial arts that originated in Europe and are primarily based upon surviving technical treatises and combat manuals that date from the late Middle Ages to the early Modern periods; 1300 to 1800. This covers a broad range of styles of martial arts; armed, unarmed, armored and unarmored, over a wide period of time from swordsmanship to fencing to grappling.
The HEMA Gauntlets are styled based upon early 14th Century mitten gauntlets (mitons) and are suitable for armored HEMA usage.
The gauntlets are made from steel, provide protection to the entire hand and have an articulating thumb for increased flexibility and ease of use. The “cuff” circles and covers the entire wrist for added protection and to help secure the gauntlet to the hand.
The gauntlets are also attached to your hand and thumb by use of leather straps and come with a pair of mittens to protect your hand from direct contact with the metal. You can, however, chose to use almost any other hand covering in place of the provided mittens.

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