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This knife is one of our special Urnes Staves Church blades. A 12th century stave church located in Norway, the Urnes Stave Church is renowned for its many examples of unique iconography including classic examples of Viking knotwork. While a site of Christian worship from the early 11th to the late 19th century, many of the thematic elements in the artwork are thought to be of old Norse origin. Certain knives in the Halstein Forge line belong to a special collection inspired by the Urnes Stave Church – knotwork on the handles has been taken from the designs in the church itself. We hope you will be inspired, as we were, to learn more about this special church and its rich history.

While there are specialized knives for each of the tasks of bushcraft – survival, skinning, woodcutting, general camp chores, and so on – it is unrealistic to plan to carry a knife for every eventuality in the bush. Especially when keeping weight down – having several pounds of steel that you may or may not use in your pack is a recipe for fatigue. This is why one typically only carries the knife that one is likely to use – a skinning knife when hunting, a survival knife when expecting short excursions only, a tactical knife when hand-to-hand combat is a likely reality. When the future is uncertain or the tasks to come especially varied, though, then it is practical to prepare for the unexpected – and for this, a bushcraft knife is essential. Unlike a survival knife (which is typically meant for emergencies), a bushcraft knife is meant to be a long-term use, multi-task knife. It will be sturdy, capable, and versatile enough to accomplish a myriad of outdoor tasks.

The Halstein Forge Bjarke is a such a bushcraft knife. The single edged, drop-point blade is sturdy and well tempered, which is absolutely essential for this type of knife. After all, it must be able to stand up to the rigors of extended use away from civilization. The blade is matched by a thick tang that meets the same standards for solid construction. The handle is comprised of two shaped slabs of oak, carved with knotwork inspired by the Urnes Staves Church. The Bjarke’s Damascus steel blade may be beautiful, but this knife is quite the workhorse. It would be ideal as a personal belt knife for all you bushcraft needs, or as an every day carry (EDC) knife to assist in whatever situation you find yourself in..

Finely crafted Damascus steel Knives by skilled blade smiths, each knife is individually crafted, sculpted assembled and refined by a team of skilled knife makers.

Classic elegance with stunning complexity, each knife presents its own character, geometry, and elegance, combining functionality with artistry, rending each unique collectible knife into a true work of art.

A subdivision of world renowned sword makers, Darksword Armory inc., Halstein Forge individually hand crafts each knife in their shop located in Montreal, Canadian.

The Bjarke is forged with blend of blend of 1075 and 8670m steel, giving a stunning contrast to the folded steel layering.

Total length: 9 inches
Grip: 4 inches
weight: 10.47 oz

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