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The Black Knight Medieval Sword


The Black Knight Medieval Sword is Inspired by E.A. Christensen’s sketch, found on p. 121 of Oakeshott’s “Record of the Medieval Sword”. While preserving the historical essence of the blade and pommel, our rendition of this battle ready sword was given a fantasy flare with it’s morbid crossguard.

Inspiring an essence of strength and heroism, this medieval sword is resilient, responsive and well balanced. While fitted with the typically close quarter blades of the 14th and 15th C, the guard on this arming sword reflects an inspirational twist. The richly decorated pommel crowns an equally embellished leather wrapped handle.

The blade on the Black Knight Medieval Sword is responsive, very well balanced, tough yet flexible. The sword’s light weight and balance make this medieval sword a potent thrusting weapon. The dual tempered blade is virtually indestructible, classically styled and a must even for the most discriminating collector!

Blade: 5160 High Carbon Steel. Dual Tempered HRc 60
48-50 at the core
Total length: 35″
Blade length: 28″
Blade width at base: 2″
Weight: 2.6 lbs 

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