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The Eogan

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In September 1937, J.R.R. Tolkien published The Hobbit, the first book in his master work Lord of the Rings. Initially a children’s book, the tale (which would expand through later books to encompass the vast world and history of Middle Earth) was the first introduction of Elves as a “High Fantasy Race.” Prior to this book Elves were seen more as pixies, sprites, brownies, or even leprechauns – a race of faeries or fae creatures unrelated to human beings in form or spirit. What Tolkien did through The Hobbit, and did again in the Lord of the Rings and Silmarillion books, was to transition Elves from their fairy tale roots into a more epically mythological race. Elves were now tall, graceful, and powerful creatures, human like but possessing incredibly beauty. To Tolkien, Elves were “humans writ large” – their heights higher and depths deeper than humans could ever achieve. Every appearance of Elves in fantasy fiction since that time has been impacted by Tolkien’s vision.

In The Hobbit the main character travels to Rivendell, and it is there that Tolkien introduces us to Elves as he saw them. In Rivendell lives Elrond, a great and mighty lord of Elves, and it is widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful places in Middle Earth. And no wonder – Elves were also deeply connected to nature, and their works of art and architecture reflected this, often bearing leaf or vine motifs on weapons, armor, and buildings. Our first view of Rivendell “in real life” comes in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings film series, and it is there that we see the beauty of the Elves and their works come to life. The Eogan knife is Halstein Forge’s attempt to recapture that beauty. While the geometry of the blade is that of a simple bushcraft knife, the deep folds visible in the Damascus steel capture some of the mystical ambiance of the elder race. The oaken handle is where the Elven inspiration comes through the most, carved with vines designs similar to those seen on the Rivendell sets in the film series. Despite its beauty this knife is not meant to remain on display – its rugged construction, solid, drop-point blade, and excellent tempering make it as much of a work blade as any other in our arsenal.

Finely crafted Damascus steel Knives by skilled blade smiths, each knife is individually crafted, sculpted assembled and refined by a team of skilled knife makers.

Classic elegance with stunning complexity, each knife presents its own character, geometry, and elegance, combining functionality with artistry, rending each unique collectible knife into a true work of art.

A subdivision of world renowned sword makers, Darksword Armory inc., Halstein Forge individually hand crafts each knife in their shop located in Montreal, Canadian.

The Eogan is forged with blend of 1075 and 8670m steel, giving a stunning contrast to the folded steel layering.

Total length: 10 3/4 inches
Grip: 4 1/4 inches
weight: 9.5 oz

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