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The Erling

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Inspired by Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Ring film trilogy, the Erling knife is one of Halstein Forge’s most popular new designs. In the first film of the trilogy, the Dunedain ranger Strider embarks on a quest to help the Fellowship of the Ring destroy the evil Ring of Power. Strider is no ordinary ranger, though; he is Aragorn, son of Arathorn, heir to the throne of the great Kingdom of Gondor. Having lived a life in exile defending the wilderness and the free peoples of Middle Earth, his quest to join the Fellowship of the Ring and destroy the Ring is not only undertaken to vanquish the forces of evil – it is the first step on his path to claim his birthright as rightful king of Gondor.

On this quest, the Fellowship passes through the elvish realm of Lothlorien. There the powerful ruler Galadriel – one of the oldest living beings in all of Middle Earth – gives them gifts to aid them in their journey, each gift tailored to the individual member of the Fellowship. To Aragorn she gives a beautiful curved dagger that he uses to great effect throughout the trilogy. The Halstein Forge Erling knife is inspired by this gift. A long, curved blade with a clipped point is the primary feature of the knife, and extends into a thick, robust tang. The tang is clearly visible, following the curve of the smooth oak handle. A pair of solid rivets hold the handle in place. The handle itself is long enough to accommodate several different grip styles, including two handled should the need arise. The handle ends in a heavy pommel that grants the knife superb balance and could be used for blunt strikes if necessary. The beautiful, water like Damascus pattern, married to a woodland-elf-inspired blade design, results in an attractive and unique weapon. Truly, a gift worthy of a king.

Finely crafted Damascus steel Knives by skilled blade smiths, each knife is individually crafted, sculpted assembled and refined by a team of skilled knife makers.

Classic elegance with stunning complexity, each knife presents its own character, geometry, and elegance, combining functionality with artistry, rending each unique collectible knife into a true work of art.

A subdivision of world renowned sword makers, Darksword Armory inc., Halstein Forge individually hand crafts each knife in their shop located in Montreal, Canadian.

The Erling is forged with blend of blend of 1075 and 8670m steel, giving a stunning contrast to the folded steel layering.

Total length: 15 3/4 inches
Grip: 8 inches
weight: 19 oz

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