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The Norman Medieval Sword

The transition from the Germanic to the swords of the Medieval period took shape between the 10th and 11th centuries. While the blade geometry remained relatively constant, the main changes were the introduction of the crucifix guard and transition into the wheel pommel which is now typically associated with the Norman swords as well as those of the later part of the middle ages. 

The Normans (also called Northmen or Norsemen) were the descendants of the Scandinavian Vikings who raided the European coastal settlements at the outset of the 8th century. Despite Norman’s conversion to Christianity and their adoption of Frankish way of life, the Normans retained many of the traits of their Germanic ancestors.

This medieval sword is historically bound to the Normans because of its frequent appearance in the Bayeux Tapestry: an embroidery that depicts the Norman Conquest.

The Norman battle ready Sword, classified as type Xa by Oakeshott’s typology, is classically styled with the traditional wheel pommel and guard.

The Norman Sword is finely engineered for the most discriminating collector. Designed for actual medieval combat, our staff conceived the Norman sword with a responsive, well balanced and resilient core. The hand-crafted blade, wheel pommel, and guard have been designed from originals, conserving the authenticity and “feel” of the originals. The Norman sword is not a reproduction. It is a recreation of one of the most important swords of human history.

Customer feedback about the Norman battle ready Sword:

“The Medieval Store l, Just want to thank you for the sword and dagger. A package arrived yesterday and the sword far exceeded my expectations – it is perfect and the scabbard and belt are also very nice and well done. Thanks again and let me wish you good luck in your work and many satisfied customers (and I am definitely one of them!)”

~ Martin Bohaty, Czech Republic

“I received my sword yesterday and I had to tell you how impressed I am !! It is everything I could hope for and more. Thanks for providing such a magnificent piece at an affordable price”.

– Scott M. Florence Colorado.

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I just picked up my Norman sword today and just finished unpacking it and all I can say is, I`m impressed…beautiful sword, what a nice piece!!! Thanks a lot.”

– Ben, USA

Blade: 5160 High Carbon Steel.

Dual Tempered HRc 60 48-50 at the core

Fittings: Mild Steel

Total length: 35″

Blade length: 28″

Blade width at base: 2″

Weight: 2lbs. 6 oz.

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