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Two Handed Viking Sword

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Two handed Viking sword

10th – 11th Century A.D.

Long have the Norse sagas inspired authors, historians, poets, and filmmakers. The Icelandic and Kings sagas present some of the most culturally rich and elaborate accounts of Viking life. Through them, we learn about Norse customs, traditions, and beliefs. At the forefront of this culture, is the consideration of art as a central focal point in Norse life.

The Vikings raided and colonized wide areas of Europe between the 9th to the 11th century. Whereas the initial motives for the migrations are unknown, historians unanimously agree that their disruptive influence profoundly affected European political history and trade.

Widely recognized as superior craftsmen, the Vikings created remarkable Jewelry, Weapons, and ships, known as Drakkars or Knarrs. The Ships were not only constructed for functionality but as work of art. Viking ships were embedded with anthropomorphic figures leading insight into their beliefs and superstitions. The Viking love of riddling phrases and schemes of rhyme yielded a rich poetic tradition. This tradition found itself not only in their poetry, but also on their ships, weapons, and jewelry.

At the center of this fierce nomadic culture, stood the Viking sword. Broad blade with a deep fuller, the Two-handed Viking sword is a testament to the fierce Viking culture depicted in the Various Icelandic sagas.

Sturdy and resilient, the Two-handed Viking sword is everything a Viking weapon should be; brutish, resilient and built to last. Individually crafted by our staff, the Two-handed Viking sword is a testament to the warrior life and artistry of the Nordic peoples.

Blade: 5160 High Carbon Steel. Dual Tempered HRc 60
48-50 at the core
Total length: 41”
Blade length: 30”
Blade Width: 2”
Weight: 3 lbs 1 oz
POB: 4″

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