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Viking Helmet

$300 $350

“It can’t be a Viking helmet, there are no horns on it!”

Largely in part due to Renaissance artwork, opera costumes, and pop culture, there seems to be a wide misconception among the general public that Vikings commonly wore helms with giant horns. This has never been the case (as far as historical evidence can tell). While Vikings were a surprisingly artistic people, they were eminently practical as well. Horns on a helmet would be easily caught by weapons, turning the helmet askew and rendering it useless in protecting its wearer – and a Viking warrior would never allow that.

One of our newer pieces of armor, The Medieval Store  Viking Helmet is made of heavy duty 14g steel. Strongly constructed by our trained smiths, it is rated for re-enactment combat. It has a soft leather lining to ensure comfort and to protect against the shock of hard blows. A flared nose guard protects the face and compliments the conical shape. This piece would fit any sword collection, or complete a Viking outfit for the Renn Faire handsomely.

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