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The Longford

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Type XIIIa
15th C. sword

The Longford, type XIIIa Sword, is perhaps the most famous of all sword types of the medieval period. Also known as the Great Sword, the Longford, named after the Longford Castle in Wiltshire, England, was used throughout Europe at the height of the medieval period. An essential weapon among the nobility, the Greatsword was a powerful and reliable medieval weapon of choice against the pikes, spears and heavy cavalry of the late 13th – 15th century.

Greatly feared for its brute strength and speed, the Greatsword became an essential weapon among the armies of the late medieval period. Wide blade, long and fast, the great sword became known as the first line of defense against cavalry and the heavy plate armor of the late medieval period.

Handcrafted and properly engineered for durability in combat, the Longford is a very solid, responsive, and well balanced Medieval sword. The Longford boasts a long, tapered blade common to 15th Century medieval swords. An attractive curled guard, scent stopper pommel and deep fuller complete the sword nicely.

The blade, hand forged with 5160 High Carbon Steel, is skillfully Dual Hardened for precise cutting while remaining flexible for enduring combat. In a nutshell, the Longford is a finely crafted sword that is built to last!

Blade: 5160 High Carbon Steel. Dual Tempered HRc 60
48-50 at the core
Fittings: Mild Steel
Blade Thickness: 1.34 mm
Total Length: 50″
Blade Length: 39″
Weight: 3lbs 2 oz.

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