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Crusader Dagger

$190 $240

Companion dagger to our Crusader sword, The crusader dagger is the quintessential medieval knight’s dagger. Dawned with the traditional wheel pommel and cruciform guard, the Crusader type dagger was used throughout the medieval period. Being more than a simple tool of war, the medieval dagger was used for a variety of mundane tasks, ranging from basic eating to leatherworking. The dagger, however, although an important and useful tool, was a necessary weapon for both knights and soldiers. When swords broke or dropped due to injury on the battlefield, the dagger was used for defense. With a shield, the small size of the dagger made it easier to slide through and thrust unprotected areas and armor openings. After the Battle of Agincourt, Henry V “examined” the fallen warriors on the field. Those still living received a final blow by Henry’s dagger.

The crusader dagger is forged with 1060 High Carbon Steel and Tempered to a Rockwell of 53. As with all our swords and daggers, the blade can either be ordered sharpened or blunt.

Crusader dagger customer feedback :

“The Crusader dagger is absolutely beautiful. It’s just a dagger but is by far the best quality piece in my collection. The dagger is so well balanced I can flip it around my hand with ease! I will certainly be ordering swords and more daggers in the near future”. – K. Smith, P.A. – USA.

”DearThe Medieval Store. I have recently purchased a crusader dagger, and two Katana swords from you. I am just beside myself with the exquisite craftsmanship, and how well they are built. They are weapons of awe and since I have displayed them, people who have seen them have become jealous and want some themselves. OF course, I told them about your site. Again, I just want to say how very pleased I am of your work. I do plan to purchase more for my collection.” – H. Sullivan,- U.S.A

Blade: 1060 High Carbon Steel
Total Length: 17.5”
Blade Length: 12”
Weight: 1 lb.
POB: at the guard.

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