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The Oslo Viking Sword


10th – 11th Century A.D.
An inspirational piece, Viking culture.

Viking art, in all its sophistication, presents a striking contrast with the stereotype of the rude and restless barbarian. Viking craftsmen excelled in woodworking, metalworking, and weapons making with abstracted animal forms. Many Viking weapons and ships bore elaborate patterns of interlocking anthropomorphic figures. Runic texts and complementary scenes were frequently inscribed on stone. The Viking love of riddling phrases and schemes of rhyme yielded a rich poetic tradition and tales of mythic events.

The Vikings are among the most celebrated warriors of human history. Not least due to their own stories and Sagas of epic battles and heroic deeds. For centuries, the Vikings raided and colonized wide areas of Europe. They reached North America centuries before Columbus and traded as far as modern day India. These Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish warriors were prompted to undertake their raids by a combination of socio-political factors and overpopulation.

At the center of this fierce nomadic culture, stood the Viking sword. No object was praised more among the Vikings than the sword. A rugged broad blade of medium length (avg. 31″) with a wide fuller fading at the tip. While crafting the solid bronze guard and pommel, the essence of the Viking heritage was carefully honored.

Skilfully crafted from 5160 High Carbon steel. The Oslo Viking Sword is an inspiring Medieval weapon. Authoritative, vibrant and rugged, the Oslo Viking sword is well balanced and a fierce Viking weapon of choice.  Inspired by the remains of a 10th C. Viking hilt with elaborated serpentine motifs, the sword remains faithful to its historical counterparts.

With the sword at the core of Viking history, we engineered the Oslo Viking sword for the most brutal use. Vivid and resilient, the Viking sword is built to last!

5160 High Carbon Steel
Differentially Hardened to a Rockwell of 60 At the Edge Tempered to a Rockwell of 50 at the Core
Total length: 37″
Blade length: 31″
Blade width at base: 2″
Weight: 2 lbs. 7 oz.

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