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The Sage Elite Series

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Elves are mythical and magical creatures in many forms of fantasy literature, and nowhere do they receive more attention than in J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings. Tolkien’s Elves are powerful beings, whose grace, beauty and skill are all too often overshadowed by their hubris. The Elves fight against the Dark Lord for a millennium, sometimes winning decisive battles, other times bring brought to the brink of extinction. Only their strength that burns in their hearts seem to help them carry the day; their strength and the weapons of power that they create.

The Sage fantasy elite series medieval sword was crafted with Tolkien’s realm in mind. Middle Earth and the battles waged for the safety and respect of all living being. This philosophy was maintained during the creation of this battle ready sword. The smooth and subtle curves of the blade, guard, and pommel were meant as a reflection of wisdom and understanding while the downward looping guard flows towards the curves of the blade in a form of dance between both parts. Despite this seemingly fragile aestheticism, this medieval fantasy sword is nothing but stern. It’s 2″ wide blade delivers destructive cutting blows with a very sharp tip, leading to equally devastating thrusts. The Sage fantasy sword is not only an eye catcher, but it is also a definite force on the battlefield.

Limited Edition Elite Series Swords

The Medieval Store Elite Series swords are individually hand forged, following the strictest guidelines. The Damascus steel blades, guards and pommels are made with a blend of 1095, 5160, L-6 and O1 steel, giving a stunning contrast to the folded steel layering.

The Medieval Store Elite models are limited to 100 swords worldwide! Once sold, we will not be making other examples of the same model. Each sword comes with a scabbard, interlaced sword belt, and an Elite Series numbered certificate stamped with the “Medieval Elite” Wax Seal. Each certificate is individually signed by Eyal Azerad, owning founder of The Medieval Store.

We are confident that our Elite Series swords will impress even the most discriminating collector.

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