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15th Century Hand and a Half sword


Bastard medieval swords, also known as hand-and-a-half swords, are surprisingly diverse weapons. When wielded one-handed, they can be paired with a shield for extra defense. When wielded two-handed, they become brutally effective slashing or chopping weapons. It was this diversity that historically made them favorites of many swordsmen, and still, attract collectors to them today.

The handle is long enough for use with two hands, but the balance is such that with enough arm strength it can be wielded with one hand at need. A long, wide blade suitable for heavy slashes also tapers to a fine point useful for getting through the chinks in an opponent’s armor, especially when one hand grips the blade at the halfway point (a technique is known as “half-sword”). The graceful, curved guard and scent-stopper pommel complement this attractive and practical fighter’s sword – a classic design for modern collectors.

The 15th Century Bastard sword is a fine addition for sword collectors in general, collectors of hand-and-a-half swords in particular, or for modern students of the Renaissance sword arts for use in their training.

Blade: 5160 High Carbon Steel. Dual Tempered HRc 60
48-50 at the core
Fittings: Mild Steel
Blade Thickness: 1.34 mm
Total Length: 45″
Blade Length: 34″
Blade width: 2″
Weight: 3lbs 1 oz.

Customer Reviews of the 15th C. Bastard Sword:

“This is the only battle-ready sword I’ll ever need to purchase. Considering the price of this sword, the quality is unreal. We took it out for a day of testing, and it chewed through everything. Cinder blocks, bricks, tires, heavy plastics, metal sheeting. The sword barely turned an edge and had ZERO notching. This kind of durability doesn’t happen by accident. The Medieval Store obviously understands its materials science. It probably won’t be necessary, considering the quality of this sword, but if I buy another it will be from this forge.”-  J. Martin., Ontario,  Canada.

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