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The Ulfberht

$310 $360

The Ulfberht is hand forged in India from EN-45 Spring Steel and tempered to a Rockwell of 48-50. Hand made under The Medieval Store guidelines to create a balance between affordability and functionality, the handle and Scabbard are made in Montreal Canada, in The Medieval Store. The Blade is etched by The Medieval Store. 

The sword can be used for actual combat and for cutting practices when ordered sharp. The guard and pommel are made in Mild Steel. The grip is made of Oak and wrapped in black leather.

Specs for the Ulfberht sword

Blade: EN-45 High Carbon Spring Steel
Total length: 36″
Blade length: 30″
Blade width at base: 2″
Guard & Pommel: Mild Steel
Weight: TBD

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